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Volkswagen/Audi Service

Exit 11 Auto, Inc. has invested in the special tools and equipment necessary to work on your VW or Audi vehicle. We also have the experience and confidence.

Common services include,

  • Complete timing belt and water pump service
  • Axle replacement
  • Differential service and upgrades
  • Brakes (calipers, hydraulics, e-brake, upgrades, pads, rotors, etc…)
  • Cooling system maintenance and service - thermostats, temperature sensors, radiator
  • Clutch replacement and upgrades
  • Head Gasket replacement
  • Oil Leaks - Valve cover gaskets, cam plugs, oil pan gaskets
  • Ignition System - Spark plugs, coil packs
  • Fuel System - Fuel Filters, Injectors
  • Turbocharger - boost related issues, vaccuum leak diagnosis
  • Electircal System - Alternators (all belts, tensioners etc…)
  • Power Accesories and modules (door lock actuators, hatch actuators, heated seas, climate control etc...)
  • HVAC - Complete A/C service, heater core flushing and replacement, blend doors